Godrej Nupur Henna Based Hair Colour

Godrej Nupur Mehendi Based Hair Colour has natural mehendi along with the goodness of 9 herbs like amla and aloe vera. Its natural ingredients nourish the hair, leaving it with a natural shine.

The Goodness of Natural Ingredients

  • AMLA

    is known to darken hair colour, add shine, and lustre


    is known to promote hair growth


    is known to rejuvenate hair, making it shiny and silky


    is known to make hair luxuriant


    is known to prevent greying of hair


    is known to moisturize hair and make it silky


    is known to cleanse hair, making it shiny


    is known to condition, nourish, and revitalize hair

  • NEEM

    is known to fight scalp infection and prevent dandruff

Available in 2 shades

Natural Black - 10g

₹ 10

Natural Brown - 15g

₹ 10

Always choose a shade that is closest to your own natural colour or one shade lighter for best results.

How to use

Other Details

Country of Origin: INDIA
Manufacturer's Address:

NG: Godrej Consumer Products Ltd., 52 BIP, Guwahati-31
M.L. NO.: C-20M2011

K: Godrej Consumer Products Ltd., Plot No. 6, Apparel Park Cum Industial Area, Village: Katha, Badci, Tehsil: Nalagarh, Dist. Solan, H.P., Pin Code: 173205
M.L. NO: MHWCOS/06/87

Frequently asked questions

Godrej Nupur Henna Based Hair Colour has natural henna, enriched with the goodness of 9 natural herbs, which colour your hair in just 30 minutes. It is available in 2 natural looking shades, each at just Rs. 10/-.

Godrej Nupur Henna Based Hair Colour is available in 2 natural looking shades: Natural Black and Natural Brown.

Godrej Nupur Henna Based Hair Colour brings together the goodness of natural henna and 9 herbs that are known to be good for hair. It is quick to prepare and easy to use, and evenly colours hair in just 30 minutes. This revolutionary product leaves your hair feeling soft, shiny, and beautiful.

Henna is known to nourish and condition hair, along with colouring it. It is also known to give a healthy appearance to hair, making it considerably silkier and shinier.

No. Godrej Nupur Henna Based Hair Colour is a no-ammonia formulation.

Here is how to apply Godrej Nupur Henna Based Hair Colour:

  • Before you begin, wear a pair of gloves. Cut open the sachet and transfer its entire contents into a non-metallic or glass bowl
  • Add 60 ml lukewarm water (90 ml for Natural Brown) and mix well until it becomes a smooth paste
  • Apply the paste using a brush on clean and non-oily hair, focusing more on greys
  • Leave the hair colour on for 30 minutes (60 mins for Natural Brown)
  • Rinse thoroughly until the water runs clear

You are now ready with great looking hair!


There is no waiting time, you can apply the paste immediately after preparation.

Begin by cleansing a small area of skin behind the ear or inner surface of the forearm using soap and water or alcohol. Mix a small quantity of the product with water. Apply the mix on previously cleansed skin and allow it to dry. Keep the product on for 48 hours and observe. If there is no reaction such as reddening, burning, itching, irritation or swelling in or around the area that the test was conducted, the product can be safely used for hair colour application.

Yes. 1 pack of colour should be enough for shoulder-length hair. However, it depends on volume, length and density of the individual’s hair.

As the hair grows, grey will start showing at the roots. Most people usually colour their hair every 4-6 weeks. But this depends on a number of factors like hair growth, washing pattern, nature of work, etc. Simply put, when you start seeing grey, it's time to colour.

Yes. You can rinse your hair colour using a mild shampoo.